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Introducing the powerful simplicity of SoNet CMS.

SoNet CMS makes content management a breeze by keeping things simple while not skimping on important features. Our unique approach to site structure, document design, and user management streamlines the most common tasks associated with website design and management. Click the screenshots below to get a peak at the inner workings of SoNet CMS:



The Control Panel is your gateway to every function available in SoNet.

The Category Editor provides access to the entire website structure as well as its pages and components.

Document Types provide a way to filter content regardless of which category, subcategory, or subject it's located in.


Featured and Focused Documents allow you to filter content and then display the filtered list during a specified date range.

Announcements are a special content type that automatically expires on a specific date.

Events are very similar to regular documents except they contain start and end dates and are displayed to visitors using a special interface.


The File Manager allows you to easily upload and manage files like PDFs, Word Docs, MP3s, Flash files and videos files.

The User Manager lets you add, modify and delete the user profiles on your website. It can also be used to add a user to User Groups.

User Groups can be used to restrict editing and/or viewing access to specific categories on your website.


The Document Manager allows you easy and quick access to all the web pages you've created for your website.

The Document Editor gives you complete control over the layout and content of every page or component on your site.

The Event Editor is very similar to the document editor, except it allows for start and stop times, and has fewer options.



If you're looking for more information, you can download the Administrator's Guide or the Advanced Features Manual for an even more in-depth look at the features and functionality of our social networking content management solution.